Saving Sea Turtles is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Turtle Bio Page

Ciao my darlings! In case you failed to notice the star on my green room door, my name is Miss Piggy, and I’m the most fashionable and fabulous loggerhead in the Tour de Turtles! I plan to bring a dash of irresistibility and a great big dollop of attitude to this competition. I have the honor of representing Disney Cruise Line in this year’s marathon. I’m not usually one for running races and exercising but I made an exception for my friends at Disney. They promised there would be cupcakes at the finish line, packaged in eco-friendly plastic-free packaging of course! I plan to win this race the same way I won Kermit’s heart… with my big and beautiful personality! And if all else fails, I’ll just order dessert first!

I was named by my Sponsor, Disney Cruise Line. Check out my marathon migration map, where you can follow along as I swim to raise awarness about the threat of Plastic Debris to sea turtles. Please help me raise awareness about my cause by supporting me!

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