Saving Sea Turtles is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Sea Turtle Conservancy’s Tour de Turtles Marathon is divided into leatherbacks and non-leatherback (chelonians). The Leatherback Tour de Turtles will start on June 16 (World Sea Turtle Day) and the Chelonian Tour de Turtles will start on August 1. Click on the turtle icon to view the turtle’s map.

Turtles released from Tortuguero, Costa Rica:
* Gochujang’s map (July 15)
* Grana’s map (July 14)

Anna Maria Island, Florida: Henrietta’s map

Time until the start of the 2024 Tour de Turtles: The Tour de Turtles Has Started

Bar Value
Donna Shello1393
Reef Witherspoon488
Lady Jayne350