Resources for Teachers

This section contains educational materials and data covering topics in Biology, Conservation, Geography, Earth Science & Mathematics that can be used with Tour de Turtles.

* Register to download the Sea Turtle Migration-Tracking Educator’s Guide & Lesson Modules (Registration is through the Sea Turtle Conservancy website.)

* Take advantage of STC's Special Classroom Adopt-A-Turtle Offer

* A Brief Unit on Sea Turtles - for Elementary School : Grades 2 & 3. Developed by Cathy Payne

* Plotting and Prediction: Track Sea Turtles and Predict Their Routes - for Elementary School :Grade 5 (Easily adapted for Middle and High School). Developed by Cathy Payne

* Cause and Effect - Human Impact on Sea Turtle Populations: Plastic Bags - for Elementary School : Grades 5 - 8. Developed by Cathy Payne

* Who Cares for These Turtles? - for Middle and High School : Grades 6 - 12. Developed by Gayle Evans

* Tides of Change... - for High School : Grades 10 - 12 (Can be adapted for upper Elementary and Middle School). Developed by Gayle Evans

* Tour de Turtles: It's a Race for Survival! - for Middle School : Grades 6 - 8. Developed by Gayle Evans
   Download the Race for Survival PowerPoint Presentation

* List of activities, by subject, based on satellite tracking sea turtles

* Sea Turtle Biology Flash Presentations – A set of Flash Slideshows covering basic sea turtle information and facts about each sea turtles species. Each flash presentation can be downloaded for educational use.

* The Biology and Plight of the Leatherback – CHANCE (Connecting Humans And Nature in the Costa Rican Environment), Pennsylvania State University

* Sea Turtle Hatchling Orientation from Nest to Ocean – CHANCE (Connecting Humans And Nature in the Costa Rican Environment), Pennsylvania State University

* Coordinate Graphing Activity – Developed by Debra McGinn

* Sea Turtle Science – A research-based middle and high school classroom resource. Created by The Bridge, it correlates to the National Science Education standards

* Earth Day Science Symposium – Sea Turtles – EDSS challenges students to become experts on sea turtles by analyzing data and explaining research to their peers