Hiya! I’m Trixie! I’ve been working really hard to prepare for the race this year in order to raise awareness about light pollution. Vero Beach is my favorite spot to nest for many reasons. One of those is because Disney’s Vero Beach Resort installed sea turtle-friendly lighting for me! But many beachfront hotels and condos still have bright, white lights. I have enough trouble seeing as it is, I don’t need pesky bright lights confusing me! Bright beachfront lighting can also draw little hatchlings inland and away from the ocean, which is very dangerous. This is some scary stuff so we’ve got to work together to make beaches safe for turtles. Make sure to turn off unnecessary lights visible on nesting beaches or use sea turtle-friendly fixtures to help.My game plan is to navigate my way down to the Caribbean and educate everyone along the way about the dangers of light pollution. I might not be the most graceful turtle in the bunch, but I’m ready to pull off a few “tricks” of my own!

I was named by my Sponsor, Disney Parks Blog. Check out my marathon migration map, where you can follow along as I swim to raise awarness about the threat of Plastic Debris to sea turtles. Please help me raise awareness about my cause by supporting me!

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