Hola! Me llamo Tortuga Turista! I’ve been busy training all summer after I was tagged in Panama on May 31st. Since then, I’ve been stretching my flippers and perfecting my dive to take on the other competitors in the Tour de Turtles. I’m very lucky to have the support of the USF Patel College of Global Sustainability behind me! Like a true sustainable tourist, I’ve already visited the coastal waters of six countries (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, and Mexico.)  I’m proud to say my travels have been quite sustainable producing no carbon emissions, no waste to land fill, no depletion of water resources, no disruption of any cultural heritage, and no negative impact on biodiversity. Where should I travel next? I’m thinking the Gulf of Mexico!

I was named by my Sponsor, USF Patel College of Global Sustainability & Blue Community Consortium. Check out my marathon migration map, where you can follow along as I swim to raise awarness about the threat of Sustainable Tourism to sea turtles. Please help me raise awareness about my cause by supporting me!

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Tortuga Turista II

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