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Educational Resources and Activities

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Educational Resources

This section contains educational materials and data covering topics in Biology, Conservation, Geography, Earth Science & Mathematics that can be used with Tour de Turtles.

* Register to download the Sea Turtle Migration-Tracking Educator's Guide & Lesson Modules

* List of activities, by subject, based on satellite tracking sea turtles

* The Biology and Plight of the Leatherback - CHANCE (Connecting Humans And Nature in the Costa Rican Environment), Pennsylvania State University

* Sea Turtle Hatchling Orientation from Nest to Ocean - CHANCE (Connecting Humans And Nature in the Costa Rican Environment), Pennsylvania State University

* Coordinate Graphing Activity - Developed by Debra McGinn

* Great Turtle Race Educational Resources - A two-week, easy-to-implement set of curricula for various grades

* Sea Turtle Restoration Project Educational Resources - Materials to help teach about sea turtles and the marine environment

* Sea Turtle Science - A research-based middle and high school classroom resource. Created by The Bridge, it correlates to the National Science Education standards

* Earth Day Science Symposium - Sea Turtles - EDSS challenges students to become experts on sea turtles by analyzing data and explaining research to their peers

* Kemps' Ridley - A Sea Turtle in Crisis - This week long unit was developed by Jocelyn Miller , Teacher Innovation Project at the University of Maryland, to inspire secondary students to recognize the plight of the turtle and the human actions that are contributing its demise


This section contains games, puzzles and other activities that are educational and fun.

* Tour de Turtles Game

* Tour de Turtles Videos Collection

* Download Your Turtle's Banner for Your Space

* Memory concentration game

* Sea Turtle Coloring & Activity Book

* Interactive Sea Turtle Quiz

* Sea Turtle Quiz

* Coastal Habitats Quiz

* Sea Turtle Maze

* Sea Turtle Connect the Dots

* Pick a slide puzzle image:

* Word search puzzle:

* Sea Turtle Coloring Sheets:

* Battle of the Bags: Paper vs. Plastic - Learn about the pros and cons of the Paper vs. Plastic debate through this interactive online experience produced by

* Sea Turtle Tracks Flash Activity - Developed by the Palm Beach Post